Inspired Leadership

  • Are your managers great technically, but need to grow as leaders?
  • Are you trying to shift your culture to thrive in this new world of work?
  • Are you doubtful about the impact of long face to face classroom sessions but an e-learning alternative doesn’t seem right either?
  • Are you thinking strategically about future leaders, but don’t know where to start?


If so, then Inspired Leadership is for you!


We start with an unusual but highly effective approach to get the right people in the journey. Nobody learns if they don’t want to. Then we leverage on-line digital tools to make learning flexible around work, so reduce time away from the office/desk/site. BUT we know that on-line learning for leadership development doesn’t really work so well UNLESS we hold learners accountable for their learning. So we meet them, in small groups at your office; once every 4 weeks in high impact 1,5 hour, group coaching sessions lead by a certified facilitator.

Inspired Leadership is about practical action & critical reflection. To make that happen the learning journal weaves a golden thread through the modules and face to face or virtual facilitated sessions, increasing application, reflection and personalising the journey.

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